Michie McCabe-Velardi

NYGB member for 3 years
Researching family history for 21 years
Current location: New York City
Grew up in: Monmouth County, NJ
Researching in these NY counties
Bronx County | Delaware County | Kings County | New York City | New York State | Orange County | Queens County | Richmond County | Sullivan County

Researching these surnames
Cresson | DeGroot | Demarest | Driesslein | Gardner | Hendricks | Idens | Kessler | Newman | O’Neill | Schott | Van Schaick | Wall

Contact me at: michiemccabevelardi@gmail.com

I am a genealogy hobbyist and have always had a love for history and majored in art history in college. I grew up in Monmouth County, NJ, and was the oldest of 5 siblings and the only girl. I became very interested in learning about my family history around the time that my father became ill around 2000. His father's parents were both Irish American and his ancestors settled in Newark, NJ, and in New York City both during and soon after the famine in Ireland. I have traced some of his branches back to places of origin in Ireland and have connected with cousins across the pond. In the last 10 years, I have been working more on my mother's side. My mother's father was a Belgian immigrant who came to America with his parents escaping the German occupation of Belgium in 1915. His family settled in NYC and later in Monmouth County, NJ. My mother's mother was the daughter of a dairy farmer in Sullivan County, NY and her paternal grandparents were Bavarian and Hessian immigrants, and her mother's mother's line, Newman is an old American line. Other family names on that side are Demarest and Wall from Orange County, NY. Further back Cresson, DeGroot, Hendricks, Idens, and Van Schaick who lived in New Amsterdam and also the Flatlands of Brooklyn and Staten Island. I have been trying to break down some brick walls and learning to work with DNA matches to try to uncover more information to break through the brick walls where I have not been successful in finding records. I am hoping to learn new information that will help me in further research and am looking forward to this conference. I would love to connect with interested people who are researching the same surnames in the same locales and am always excited to meet others with a passion for family history.