Use former or new location name

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Use former or new location name

I have numerous people who were born in a place with one name, but as time passed it was either renamed or merged into another location. When searching here what do you suggest? Example  born in what was formerly Virginia now West Virginia...another lived in Canajoharie, then Minden, then Danube...although they family did not move. Also  the counties changed, Tryon - Montgomery - Herkimer without the family moving. 

Great Question and I would
Great Question and I would love to know the answer also!
The best practice is to
The best practice is to indicate the location given in the original record being quoted for a particular vital or event. You can add the most current name for the location as "now…." in parentheses afterwards, or in the event notes if you are using a genealogy application. One of the problems with sharing research is that the reader often doesn't have a way of knowing which method was used by the writer: newest place name, or original (contemporary) place name. If you are trying to trace a previous researcher's steps back, it's much easier if you have the contemporary place names. As you can see in FamilySearch, the standardized place names have a date range attached to them. That's a hint.