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NY Death Index

I found an ancestor in the NY State Death Index and have an index certificate number.  So how do I then find the document that goes with that index number?


A year ago I would have said
A year ago I would have said you should request a death certificate/record from the NY DOH state office using their form on the NYDOH website. However, my recent experience is that I sent in such a request and within a month they cashed my check, but one year later they have not fulfilled the request. So before you go to the DOH state level I suggest going to the local municipality (or call them) to find out if you can submit your request to them. I was told by a county office that death certificates are issued in the city where the death occurred. So if the person died at home the death certificate would be in that city clerk's office. That index number should help them find it. It is something you fill out on the state request form, don't know about city requests. Good luck!