New York City Court Records

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New York City Court Records


I recently joined the group and would like to know if any of you have experience researching court records. Currently, I have several individuals from about 1858 to 1862 for whom I have the names, dates, and justices or judges they appeared before. I need to access the records, but usually research in New Mexico and so am unfamiliar with New York resources. Thanks!


I've been researching a New
I've been researching a New York City Chancery court case from the early 1830s. Family Search (, the Church of the Later Day Saints site, has quite a few indexes and records that have been digitalized. Most of them are not searchable by name, but with a little patience and practice, can be very useful. Sometimes the index is the only available record, but if you have the information from the index, court case number, date, etc., you can contact the New York State Archives in Albany, New York and they can pull the information for you. They will copy the case and the documents associated with it and send the copies to you. The charge is a very reasonable twenty-five cents a page. Good luck. Karen