Rachel D Franklin

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Rachel D Franklin

Looking for birth information about Rachel D Franklin. She was born 11/28/1904 and died 3/17/1965. She had ten children. She worked as a housekeeper in Ulster NY and eventually moved to Brooklyn by 1933. Any information about her would be great. I know she was raised by her relative Rachel Ann (Franklin) Maven.

Don't know if someone already
Don't know if someone already wrote you since I see the date on this is September 16. The record I found is in the New York death index. It is for a Rache Franklin. The L left out could have just been a typo but the death date is the same given here the birth date is stated as `1905 instead of 1904. It does give her death place as Queens NY.
thank you very much for this
thank you very much for this information. I really appreciate it.