Issue of Captain Jacob Reeder

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Issue of Captain Jacob Reeder

Jacob Reeder (Reader, Reider or Rheedor), eldest son of Josiah and Sarah (Seely) Reeder of Blooming Grove, Cornwall Precinct, Orange County, New York was a blacksmith. He can be found as an artificer and master armorer at Ft. Constitution under Clinton and in the tax rolls for Fishkill and Newburgh. The only information I have been able to discover follows.

 The entries in the records of the New Windsor Presbyterian Church read as follows.


30 May 1871 – Four children for Captain Reeder’s wife

24 Jul 1782 – Child of Reeders of Newburgh presented by his wife

Jacob was married to Lydia Jayne also of Orange County and he died in Rome, Onieda, New York. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Children identified to date are Julianna and possibly Temperance.

Don Hellstern