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I was just wondering if anyone has had any problem with getting copies of birth/ death certificates from NY State. I had sent for copies in Feb. and haven’t heard anything yet but they did cash my checks.

I too filled out forms &
I too filled out forms & issued a check on July 3, 2019 requesting death certificates on my husband's grandparents. I included certificate #'s. The check was cashed on Dec. 5, 2019 but I never received the certificates. Now I don't know what to do. Anyone have any suggestions?
I'm having the same issue. I
I'm having the same issue. I did try to contact them and was told they are months and months (I suspect years) behind in responding to genealogical requests. I don't know where else we can go to get copies of the originals.
NYS records
I just sent for two death certificates--if they have them-- their website states they are 8 months behind in requests so it may take that long. They also suggested checking with the municipality where the deaths occurred as it might be faster. I think they should at least send notice regardless.