Alice Louisa Hendrickson Hensler

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Alice Louisa Hendrickson Hensler

I'm interested to see if anyone has information on Alice Louisa Hendrickson Hensler. She was born in 1849 and died on January 18, 2915 in Inwood, NY. She was first married to Richard M. Hendrickson (1846-1881). After Richard died in Missouri, she moved back to NY with her two kids (Flora and William) and married Frederick Hensler (1842-1920) in 1885, and had more children with him.

I'm trying to obtain her death certificate and marriage certificate (to Frederick) to see if it can give me more information as to her parentage. However, the State of New York is months/years behind in responding to genealogical requests.

Does anyone know how else I may obtain copies of the original certificates quicker?

Please do not confuse this person with Alice Hendrickson, daughter of Cornelius Van Wyck Hendrickson and Elizabeth Hendrickson, who was married to William B Valentine; it's a common mistake.

Thanks, Doug

Sorry, death date was January
Sorry, death date was January 18, 1925 (not 2915)!