Onondaga County Birth certificate court order?

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Onondaga County Birth certificate court order?


With the help of NYG&B I was able to track down all the information for a recent ancestor that I needed, but was told in order to get a certified birth certificate I would need a court order because I am not the person listed on the certificate, or a parent of the person listed on the certificate.

Does anyone have experience on what to do in cases like this?

What is the procedure to follow, and are there any petition forms that are accessible to the public, or does anyone know a lawyer with experience in this very niche area?


Wm. Schumacher


That's interesting, as I was
That's interesting, as I was under the impression that so long as you paid the price, you could get any certificate. I need to get my grandfathers; however, I don't need a certified copy.
HI William, a court order
HI William, a court order usually comes within a case for inherited rights or some type of legal reason for someone who is not living and the birth occurred over 75 years ago. You could probably inquire at any New York based law office or lawyer about such matter, perhaps an inheritance / probate lawyer maybe have more understanding of the vital laws of the state. If you require none certified copy of vital for genealogical purposes, the rules can be found at the NY Government site at https://www.health.ny.gov/vital_records/genealogy.htm --- As it mentions "if the person requesting the vital is of a direct-line the time periods are wavered". So if you really do not need a certified copy for some type of legal reason, and you can show direct lineage you can get a genealogical copy. If you are not of direct line then the work around would be find someone who is and ask them to request it. Good luck, I hope this was helpful Kelley